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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Weather Reminders!

As the winter weather begins to rear its ugly head and the snow and temperatures both fall dramatically, it is important to share a few reminders with each MWS family as we prepare for the upcoming months.

(1) Please make certain that your student is dressed appropriately. Students should have winter gear for their heads, hands, feet, and bodies to keep them warm at all times.

(2) Outdoor recess actually happens in the winter! Contrary to popular belief, classroom teachers at MWS will continue to take students outside for recess each day depending on the weather. All the more reason to reference Reminder (1).

(3) Now is an excellent time to donate. If you have an new or gently-used winter wear that you would like to donate, please contact our Family Support Worker from the Community Action Council at MWS. What a great reason to clear out some space in your closets at home!

(4) Patrols still patrol. Despite the hot chocolate that is pumped into patrols each chilly morning, I have overheard a number of patrols complaining about being cold. Although it may not be "cool" or "fashionable" to dress appropriately, please assist your student in doing so.

(5) Safety first. It is always wise for students to be dressed warmly as they ride the bus both to and from school. In the event that a bus experiences any type of delay or malfunction, it is imperative that students can remain warm and safe despite cold temperatures.

Stay warm during this chilly time of year, and be sure to travel safely!